Big Data & Analytics

Bytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes and now Terrabytes, Petabytes and Exabytes. Yes, growing internet penetration, rapid adoption of social technologies and the device manufacturers embracing the “Web of things” has resulted in a need to collect and analyze data in real time for decision making and business insight and Big Data provides the perfect solution for this.

Big Data & Analytics can help organization offer rich and personalized customer experience by analyzing unstructured and fragmented customer behaviour data harvested from various sources through simpler and faster processing of relevant data. Besides customer insights, Big Data helps enterprises improve supply chain management, cut costs, manage risks and detect and control fraud. It is becoming important tool for CEOs and CIOs to make decision using real time data.

Why pay millions for Watson when you can run Hadoop for free?-- Matt Assay, MongoDB

While big data is a boon for business it is also becoming a nightmare for CIOs if they can’t distinguish the hype vs reality. For instance look at MongoDB taking on Big Blue’s future product.

Given that all of the essential Big Data technology is open source, there's no need to start a Big Data project with a huge investment to procure commercial products. Vitti can help provide and evaluate services based on products from commercial big data providers as well as from the open community. Being vendor agnostic Vitti can help the enterprises on the expected big data services namely – Research, Consulting, Analytics and Outsourcing.

Vitti consultants are implementers of Big Data and Decision Science for large enterprises in the Banking and Insurance domain. We understand that Big Data implementation would be a big leap for SMBs and Enterprises to adopt and we can help you provide the analysis on selecting the right decision science tools that would be best suited for your needs.

Contact us for a demo on Big Data and our experts will be glad to walk through our lab setup of Cloudera and WSO2 Cassandra. Watch out more on this section for HortonWorks and R.

Within few days of request Vitti were able to provide recommendations for Decision Science consultation on Sentiment Analysis from emails using Hadoop. They did a quick sentiment analysis demo integrating with Twitter apart from the recommendations and defining the roadmap for the BI using big data open stack rather than the commercial products. Their recommendations provided us the jumpstart we needed and also saved both money and time. - Ramesh Palaniappan, Director, Intelli Consulting Services SCS