84% of the CIOs have cut application costs by moving to the Cloud and 21% of annual savings is realized by users who move apps to clouds. Yes, we love stats on TCO and know how important it is to you too.

Given the dynamism of Cloud Services and the initial resistance towards adopting the cloud services, many IT companies have discovered that they have been left out of the fray and have an urgent need to jump into the bandwagon in order to avail the benefits offered by Cloud Computing. Some of the advantages offered by Cloud computing include high performance, cost effectiveness, quicker ROI and the ability to scale as you need.

For IT firms, especially Small and Medium Business, a shift to cloud computing would be very profitable but would present a challenging situation in terms of identifying suitable cloud service providers, understanding the nitty-gritty of the cloud service industry and allocating additional human resources to handle their cloud computing set up. We carefully evaluate the needs of our clients and propose implementation based on four primary deployment models which are namely private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and community cloud.

Given the industry’s prolific growth rate coupled with exceptional value adds like supreme flexibility, access to a broad network of multiple client platforms and facilities for resource pooling which enables the provider’s computing resources to be shared in a multi-tenant model with the facet of resources being assigned and reassigned on demand; transition to Cloud Computing is a judicious and prudent step for SMBs to take and Vitti is here to assist you to make this transition uncomplicated, hassle free and easy.

Vitti consultants have more than a decade of experience in cloud related technologies and have worked on TCO optimization projects and pioneered virtualization in the respective enterprises they worked for.

It is amazing to see how Vitti, who have their own IT infrastructure on private cloud setup, leverage VMWare and are free hypervisor and OpenStack for their private cloud management. They provision or de-provision a machine in minutes, be it for a new developer who joins their organization or a lab setup for any new project. It is interesting to see how they carry out cloud management using iOS mobile apps. Vitti has a set-up which is an eye opening example for any SMB to take a look at and make use of! - Ramana Gupta, SaiStudents.Org